My Visit to Clickbank Offices

From time to time I get to meet people in the Internet marketing industry who are doing great things to serve the community. It wasn’t until moving to Colorado did I learn that one of the marquee companies in the Internet marketing space had a large office just 15 minutes from where I live. So this post will share a bit of what I learned on my visit to Clickbank, and why I think they have been an anchor in a storm tossed landscape that is information marketing.

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Amazon Associates Shuts Down Account Keeps Money

Many who are new or exploring Internet Marketing as a business often get started with as an associate. It makes sense, for publishers who want to get setup quickly, as they have the best set of APIs, tools, and widgets to get started. It is a great way to start monetizing a website that already has traffic. My associates account was opened years ago by me, but was closed a few days ago by Amazon. Here’s what I’ve learned, and you should too. Continue reading “Amazon Associates Shuts Down Account Keeps Money”

What The New FTC Guidelines Mean to Online Marketers

FTC-issues-updated-guidelines-for-bloggersYesterday the FTC issued final guidelines Governing Endorsements and Testimonials.  This impacts testimonial advertisements, bloggers, and celebrities who are compensated to parade products.  This post will deal primarily with the impact it has on bloggers, and why the 81 page document may very well fall short of its objectives.
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StatsJunky Review – Affiliate Stats Tracking Centralized

statsjunky-affiliate-stats-management-artemfinlandFor serious affiliate marketers, the top priority is to understand how profitable your programs are.  This is very important for those leveraging pay-per-click as a traffic source.  In paying for traffic, you must know what the traffic is giving you back for your investment, and which keywords are converting, etc.  Otherwise you are, as they say, “flying blind” and won’t last.  Essentially there are two key functions in play… compiling affiliate and PPC stats, and then analyzing those affiliate and PPC stats.  The challenge is, after setting everything up, you sill need to login to all your programs (affiliate and PPC), and tally up the numbers in a complicated spreadsheet you’ve likely created, and see how you are doing.  In a word, time consuming, and now unnecessary.  This review of StatsJunky affiliate stats tracking software covers the challenges affiliate marketers have, problems the product solves, what I like about it, what I don’t like about it, and a special offer for MarketingProfessor readers. Continue reading “StatsJunky Review – Affiliate Stats Tracking Centralized”