Clicktale Now Records Mobile Users Experience with Websites (Video)

The challenge for many website owners is understanding how visitors are interacting with your site. How are they liking a new graphic, video, or trust seal? Google analytics is a commonly used service that provides a wealth of information, but it falls short for many website owners (think eCommerce) when it comes to offering a “watch over their shoulder” perspective. Clicktale had that figured out years ago, and now does it for mobile browsers as well. Let me explain. Continue reading “Clicktale Now Records Mobile Users Experience with Websites (Video)”

Real-Time Monitoring of Web Visitors with ClickTale

It is important to understand how useable your website is to visitors.  Google analytics offers some of this functionality, but when it comes to watching users in action; there are few choices that are affordable for internet and small businesses marketers.  I recently tested a very compelling website tool which actually records videos of your user sessions (you can see the complete ClickTale review here), there is a wealth of things you can learn by watching ‘over the shoulder’ how users interact with your site.  Today things got better with real-time monitoring (and a free trial of the service).
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Review of ClickTale Web Visitor Video and Analytics Service

clicktale-review-screenshotIn the Internet marketing community, I’ve heard it said of someone being a “fanatical tester”, or a “really bad tester” and other with a true confession, “I don’t test like I should…or at all”.  Testing in the sense of making changes to product offers, product pages, sales letters, or web pages where you are interested in having visitors choose a specific course of action.  You find a winning page design, website copy, or graphic placement, and you always try to beat it.  With free services like Google Analytics or Google Website Optimizer, the barriers to testing are slim to none, although time is always a constraint.  As useful as these services may be , they don’t show you what a users sees and how these users interact with your site, only a video of a user visiting your site could reveal that.  That’s where ClickTale comes in.
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