Google for Entrepreneurs Why You Should Attend

Google for EntrepreneursThis week spend time with some Googlers, that is employees of Google, as well as some brilliant startup minds here in Denver, Colorado. Google for Entrepreneurs came to Denver ahead of Startup Weekend, and was putting everyone on notice that they want to help start-up companies who are serious about growth. If your a small business with a tech play, and Google comes to your town, I say go. Here are some reasons you should attend.

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Why Marketing vs. What Marketing

Why Marketing vs What MarketingThere are many reasons products come to market. ¬†More are the reasons for their failure. Simon Sinek has a simple¬†explanation. Are you a “Why” marketer or a “What” marketer.

Thought provoking video put by the people at Ted, discusses an approach to leadership, business, and marketing.

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