Local Marketing Strategy and How to Get Started

Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of spending focused time at local networking events, luncheons, and small business oriented gatherings. I’m learning a lot. Learning a lot of what I’ve been missing out on. The glamor and appeal of a ‘global’ business by having a whiz-bang website is appealing, but many underestimate the investment of time and money necessary to make it successful.

What if there was something you could be doing while pursuing bigger dreams of world domination with your Internet empire? What if instead of spending hours on end posting updates and comments on social networks, you spent more time engaging in a human social network? What if instead of writing articles designed to rank for the search engines, you wrote articles that ranked socially in the hearts and minds of readers? What if you ‘stayed home’ and became the local expert?

In this post, I’ll share things I’m testing out to engage the local business community, and how you can do the same. Continue reading “Local Marketing Strategy and How to Get Started”

Advanced Web Ranking Review

advanced-web-ranking-review-and-overviewSearch engines can be a great traffic source for your website. Do you have an idea where your site ranks when someone plugs in your keywords into a search engine? Whether you own one website, or many, if you have one client or many, tracking positions in the search engines is key. Doing it manually works, but is boring and, as I found, does not scale. I’ll share what I was using before Advanced Web Ranking, what the tool is, how it is sold, services it integrates with, reporting customization and brand-ability, and the reports I found most useful. You’ll also learn how to be proactively alerted should your site be impacted by any number of search engine (Google) algorithm changes.  Continue reading “Advanced Web Ranking Review”

3 Approaches to Blogging for Profit – Marketers Edition

If you are relatively new to online marketing, it represents a broad frontier with lots of opportunity. If you are anything like I was early on, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, and are unsure where your gifts and talents fit in the big picture. Don’t make the mistake I did and go in every direction (which is the inspiration of the MarketersFAQ special reports). To be successful in online marketing, entrepreneurs need to have focus. Regardless if you are focusing on becoming a local marketing consultant, an email marketing consultant, paid or search traffic expert, or an affiliate marketer, blogging is a great branding medium. Enjoy these reasons and examples, and chime in with your thoughts. Continue reading “3 Approaches to Blogging for Profit – Marketers Edition”

My Video Marketing Toolkit

From time to time I’m asked what tools I use to create videos. The question behind the question is often really, “How can I use video effectively to get more traffic and sales.”

Software and tools are important, but equally important is understanding how to use video marketing to extend your online marketing for maximum benefit.

In this post, I’ll share the video marketing hardware, software, and training used to market this site and others.

Continue reading “My Video Marketing Toolkit”

Grow Google Plus Following with Google Search

There have been so many changes with Google lately, it’s hard to keep up. Seems as though moving their whole ecosystem of products into a social framework, that is Google plus, is happening at a fever pitch. I was holding off in writing about it here until there was a collection of changes to share that could also be integrated with our Google Plus traffic training. Today’s screenshot (below) may not yet be mainstream, but it is an indicator of where things are headed, and SEOs, SEMs, along with social media marketers do well in taking notice. It’s also worth noting that Google has shown another feature, recently that is just as significant for SEO’s and content publishers.

Continue reading “Grow Google Plus Following with Google Search”

Turning 3 – Changes for Subscribers

Where does the time go?

Before the iPad…

…and the Android (was big).

Before Google+.

Before Obama was president.

Even before Justin Bieber.

Makes 3 years seem more like 10 or 15!

Today I’d like to reflect a little bit, express some gratitude, and share an important change for subscribers. Continue reading “Turning 3 – Changes for Subscribers”

Google+ Open to Everyone – Should You Join?

Google Plus for MarketersEarlier this week, Google finally opened the doors for anyone to signup for their new social network Google+. In this post, I’d like to share why I think Google+ is worth your time if you are an online marketer, and some resources to get you started in the right direction. Continue reading “Google+ Open to Everyone – Should You Join?”

Marketing Like Starbucks?


Global reach.

Local touch.

Working at local coffee shops is something that happens regularly with me. Getting stuff done from any place having an Internet connection is one of the lures of Internet marketing, right?

I recently saw an interesting note on the back of a Starbucks bag that caught my attention. If you are a regular there, perhaps you’ve seen this one too.

I thought I’d share it here, and see what your thoughts are. Continue reading “Marketing Like Starbucks?”

CASE STUDY: WordPress Theme Doubles Revenue

Tested new theme on a small site I manage. It had decent results. Learn what was involved to switch to this theme, the time it took and more.

How I grew Website RevenueEveryone wants more traffic, right? Traffic that converts into sales. So, is it fair to conclude that most aren’t after traffic, they are after revenue. What if there was a better way? What if you could look at things from a different angle? Sometimes flipping exercises can be useful. Still with me? As I was planning for the new year a few months back, a thought came to mind about traffic, conversion, and revenue. “Getting more SEO traffic takes time, how can you maximize revenue of your site with existing traffic?” Fair question, right? Here’s the action I took, and the video shows the results I experienced. Continue reading “CASE STUDY: WordPress Theme Doubles Revenue”