Google Plus Business Pages Seek Parity with Facebook

Google continues to ramp things with their social initiative for business Google +. Along with some of the new features released yesterday, the most useful by far is the ability to designate managers for business pages on Google Plus. This is an effort to bring functionality that already exists with Facebook Pages. They are also toying with a new “on air” Hangout live streaming feature, but that’s a post for another day.  For now, I’ll cover these new features briefly, why I like them, and how to use them. Continue reading “Google Plus Business Pages Seek Parity with Facebook”

Google Plus is Preparing for Business are You?

Last week Google finally unveiled business pages for Google Plus users. The reaction of the announcement was somewhat muted. It was released with limited controls, and currently no parity with Facebook pages from a controls and reporting perspective. There are several decent articles on the issues like the ones found here and here

Deficient as the current business page might be, today there are other reasons why businesses should create pages on Google Plus.

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Create Our Google Plus Business Page with Me (Video)

marketing-with-google-plus-pagesFinally. Google plus pages for businesses and brands are here. What to do with the page apparently seems to be a hotly debated question at the moment, and is a question for another day.  For now I want to show you how I created one, and the number one area to focus on when it comes to your business page on Google plus. I turned on the camera to capture creating the Google Plus page for 

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