What I Learned About Marketing at InfusionCon

infusioncon-2013It’s important for modern day marketers to be engaged online. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or one of my favorites for business, LinkedIn (boring I know, but valuable), social networks are incredibly valuable. However attending marketing conferences a few times a year often exceeds any value gained from social networks, hands down.

There are just things you cannot learn online, and meeting face to face with like minded marketers can save you time and a lot of headaches. Today, I’d like to share with you valuable things learned at InfusionCon, which has quickly become a premier conference for small businesses, hosted by my current employer, Infusionsoft.

InfusionCon was held this year in Scottsdale Arizona, Westin Kierland Hotel and Spa. There were 2100 attendees from all over the world. Many of them Infusionsoft users, but not all. Here are a few nuggets from the event.

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Infusioncon 2012 Wrap Up – Chris Brogan, Ali Brown, Gary V, and Moore

Jermaine Griggs and Iron Tribe Fitness
2011 Ultimate Marketer winner Jermaine Griggs and 2012 winner Iron Tribe Fitness

Marketing conferences.

When attending good ones, the challenge has always been, how to deal with the tidal wave of great information? How to apply what you are hearing in your business.

My conclusion? Prioritize what makes sense, put a timeline to it, appreciate the rest of what you learned, but understand your limitations (yes, even you have limits).  Then implement.

Having attended one of the premier conferences for small businesses, Infusioncon 2012, this post contains a summary of tweets from the event. If you are curious what Infusionsoft announced. Find it here.

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Infusionsoft Rewrites Marketing Automation for Small Business

Many online marketers start small. Perhaps you are one of them. Little investments like web hosting, an auto-responder service, and some marketing education courses. Others are more established businesses who are looking to make investments that result in significant productivity and revenue gains for the company.

Insert challenge: Once you have a strategy down, now the quest becomes figuring out how to make the technology cooperate with what it is you want to do.

In this post I’ll share an effective strategic model Infusionsoft has used to help small businesses, and also show (video) how their latest update is making it easier than ever to implement this model.

Let’s talk strategy for a moment.

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What the New Infusionsoft Features Mean for Marketers

Anyone who tries to start a business, or remain competitive knows that technology is a key leverage point.  This has never been more of a reality than for those using the Internet to grow their business.  This month Infusionsoft published an update to their marketing automation system for customers.  If you have not heard of Infusionsoft, they have developed technology that helps small businesses implement and automate aspects of marketing that would otherwise require multiple staff members to accomplish.  If you want to see an example of it’s use, have a look at the 21 Ways I Use Infusionsoft .  Today’s post will discuss the recent update and what they mean for marketers. Continue reading “What the New Infusionsoft Features Mean for Marketers”

MarketingProfessor.com Top 10 Posts of 2009

top-10-marketing-posts-20092009 gave Marketing Professor.com steady growth month to month, as subscribers and readers like you continued to help us understand what you want.  For that, a heartfelt thanks.  You are the reason this site exists.  2009 was an amazing year online, and yet for many it was a tough year economically.  It produced amazing tools which make marketing your products and services easier and more affordable.  This post summarizes the top posts based on Google search traffic to the site in 2009.  Learning what searchers are searching for continues to amaze me.  Your thoughts and feedback are encouraged (see the boxes at the end of the post). Continue reading “MarketingProfessor.com Top 10 Posts of 2009”

Follow Up Marketing Just Got More Affordable

infusion-follow-up-marketing-boat-proimosOne of the things I appreciate about entrepreneurs and small businesses in general, is their opportunity to innovate, and make changes quickly. This agility (as some call it), is coveted by large businesses who are unable to react as quickly. I liken this big business small business dynamic to a huge cruise ship that is trying to turn, while it is being circled with little speedboats. Well, one speedboat is making some waves,  helping others make some waves of their own in the process. Continue reading “Follow Up Marketing Just Got More Affordable”