Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways

smmw-travis-campbell-speakerLast week at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, I had the privilege of serving as track moderator (aka MC). This involved speaker introduction, time management, and facilitating Q&A (lessons here).

While the priority was keeping an already very well organized track ‘on track’, I was unable to resist scribbling down notes during the sessions. These were world-class presentations and content. So the notes I share here are certainly incomplete. If you were at the event, feel free to comment with your top takeaways.

Before I continue, this brings up a very real issue for attendees of well run events like Social Media Marketing World. [highlight]”Which sessions do I attend, there are so many good ones to choose from?!”[/highlight] This is where investing in event session recordings can be very worthwhile (resource at end of post). Also, pay attention to the places where you can share tweetable quotes [Tweet it!] from presenters.

I came away with a better picture of how to leverage content marketing in the coming year, I hope you do too.

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Why I’m Spending More Time on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has always been a bit in the background as other frontline social networks get the lion-share of the press. In the last year, however, there has been a lot of news from the professional social network. Continue reading “Why I’m Spending More Time on LinkedIn”

LinkedIn & Twitter Partner – News From Around The Web

linkedin-and-twitter-partnershipLinkedIn today announced their partnership with Twitter on their blog.  When it comes to LinkedIn Marketing this may seem like a subtle move, but it could be an indicator of things to come.  Below is a video about the partnership, and what folks around the web are saying about this marriage.  What say you?  So far, I haven’t seen the option they speak of in the video enabled on my LinkedIn account. Continue reading “LinkedIn & Twitter Partner – News From Around The Web”

Online Marketing Updates This Week

blogging-keyboard-jbhill-smallA lot of interesting things happened this week, and I think each of them are worth reading about.  From blogging reviews creating potential issues with the FTC, to Amazon shutting down it’s affiliate program in North Carolina, changes at LinkedIn (and possibly the direction of the social media site for professionals), to Google as blood suckers of the news industry, and SEO tips for building your personal brand. Continue reading “Online Marketing Updates This Week”

Boost Your LinkedIn Marketing with Slides

linkedin-marketingAs a continuation of the ‘extending your reach’ tone of recent articles, I’d like to share yet another way to do just that.  If you have ever presented publicly let me encourage you to use that content for other purposes.  If you haven’t, now may be a great time to get your best ideas down in presentation format for automatic sharing on your LinkedIn profile. Continue reading “Boost Your LinkedIn Marketing with Slides”

LinkedIn Marketing-Connecting Business Blogs


business-blogWith the current economy, LinkedIn is quickly becoming a popular destination for job seekers and talent seekers alike.  Some use their LinkedIn account to participate and gain exposure, sadly many don’t use their LinkedIn account much at all.  In this post, we’ll discuss an important LinkedIn Marketing idea for those with a business blog, or those thinking of creating one.  It is a simple one-time setup that should be considered with every social marketing strategy. Continue reading “LinkedIn Marketing-Connecting Business Blogs”

6 Steps to Small Business Social Marketing with LinkedIn

linkedin marketingLinkedIn is unquestionably prime real estate in the social networking marketplace. This network is packed with affluent decision makers on the hunt for solutions. This makes it a huge small business marketing opportunity for savvy business owners that know social marketing.

LinkedIn is not only fertile ground for internet marketing, but can also be the platform that manages these campaigns.

Special Video Interview with Lewis Howes**IMPORTANT UPDATE: See our recent interview with LinkedIn Expert Lewis Howes as he shares his take on the future of LinkedIn, as well as what he teaches in his all-new LinkedIn Training Course. Continue reading “6 Steps to Small Business Social Marketing with LinkedIn”