Local Marketing Strategy and How to Get Started

Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of spending focused time at local networking events, luncheons, and small business oriented gatherings. I’m learning a lot. Learning a lot of what I’ve been missing out on. The glamor and appeal of a ‘global’ business by having a whiz-bang website is appealing, but many underestimate the investment of time and money necessary to make it successful.

What if there was something you could be doing while pursuing bigger dreams of world domination with your Internet empire? What if instead of spending hours on end posting updates and comments on social networks, you spent more time engaging in a human social network? What if instead of writing articles designed to rank for the search engines, you wrote articles that ranked socially in the hearts and minds of readers? What if you ‘stayed home’ and became the local expert?

In this post, I’ll share things I’m testing out to engage the local business community, and how you can do the same. Continue reading “Local Marketing Strategy and How to Get Started”