10 Years of Facebook – Stats Marketers Need to Know

10-years-facebook-avg-revenue-per-userThe impact of social media on marketing over the past 10 years has been significant. Facebook leads the conversation, with breakneck growth for much of their 10 year history, boasting well over 1 Billion users worldwide.

In record time, marketers now have the ability to carve out a very targeted audience, who returns to the site on a frequent basis, and present their brand to an audience who visits the site from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you are not leveraging Facebook as a marketing platform for your business, these numbers paint a compelling picture that is worth considering or reconsidering for almost any business.
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How to Advertise on Facebook in 10 Minutes or Less

Pay Per Click advertising is the quickest way I know of to get traffic, and test a product idea, conversion page, or just get market feedback.  Earlier this week, there was a question posed asking you for feedback on your experience advertising on Facebook.  In this post, we’ll discuss how you can get you first ad campaign up in (about) 10 minutes or less. Continue reading “How to Advertise on Facebook in 10 Minutes or Less”

Facebook Marketing News from Around the Web

FaceBook Friend ConnectI’ve been reading up on some important news lately, and while this isn’t really a “news” site per se (lots of other sites do that quite well), I am considering how these news elements can impact internet marketers. To give you a window to what I’m reading, have a look at the social marketing, and Facebook marketing related news articles below, and chime in with a few thoughts of your own. Continue reading “Facebook Marketing News from Around the Web”

Internet Marketing Success with Facebook

Facebook, born in a college dorm room to connect faceless college kids on big campuses, has come a long way. Now boasting more than 100 million users, online marketing success means figuring out social marketing on Facebook.

No platform is better suited to host your social marketing strategy. Built to interact, socialize, and group people by interests–Facebook holds huge promise for any business’ marketing plan.

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