Mobile Marketers – LinkedIn Beta App Now Available on Android

Since switching to an Android earlier this year I’ve enjoyed testing the various apps out there, as well as utilizing the multi tasking the device supports.  I’ve been a bit frustrated however, when it comes to mobile apps, specifically LinkedIn. Many believe (and I agree) mobile marketing is the future, and in fact is now. Why then does the most popular social network for business minded people not have a mobile version of its software on the fastest growing mobile platform?  That was answered, in part, today with the beta release of LinkedIn for Android. Continue reading “Mobile Marketers – LinkedIn Beta App Now Available on Android”

Android Incredible After 30 Days – Part 1

After 30 days with the Android Incredible, a video was created to share impressions thus far.  This post includes also the video and a recap (if you prefer to read).  How I observed local Google Buzz activity on the device, what I like about the device, what can be improved with the Android Incredible, and why a hard reset of the device was necessary. Continue reading “Android Incredible After 30 Days – Part 1”

Unboxing of Android Incredible and Initial Impressions

After several months with the latest Blackberry device (Tour) it was time to move on, and yesterday the Android Incredible by HTC and Verizon arrived at the home office.  I decided to turn on the camera and unbox it with you, and after a few hours of use, share my initial impressions of this powerful device.  I’m going briefly cover the screen, input (including voice to text), social web, mobile marketing potential, navigation, and the android marketplace apps installed. Continue reading “Unboxing of Android Incredible and Initial Impressions”

7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business

If you have been around Internet Marketing for any length of time, you may have noticed your inbox filling up with messages about mobile marking info, massive open rates, and offers of grandeur if you take this or that course.  While there may be value in those courses and a strong case made by their creators for purchasing them, this heightened activity prompted a review of mobile marketing as a viable option for marketers going forward.  I recently performed a mobile marketing experiment the results of which I will share with you very soon.  For now there are some reasons mobile marketing might finally take off in the next 12-24 months, let’s look at some market numbers first. Continue reading “7 Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Business”

Initial Impressions of Foursquare How About You?

Are you overwhelmed by technology, in particular social media?  For the average business owner trying to leverage the internet to market their business, it can be daunting.  Fact is, some of the most successful internet marketers are also the least active in social media.  I have been slow to test new applications because either subscribers haven’t asked for it, or there was no value to readers who are looking for leverage in their marketing.  While social media generates a lot of interest and traffic, social media success stories for business are still more the exception than the rule.  Last week I decided it was time to checkout Foursquare, and below are my initial impressions, and an invitation to share yours. Continue reading “Initial Impressions of Foursquare How About You?”

Are Google’s 5 New Services Useful to Marketers?

google-announcement-for-marktersYesterday Google announced 5 new services that not only shakes up the market a bit (iPhone, Bing, Yahoo, and others), but are another step in a series of bold moves by the search giant to remain the dominant player, and extend their tools to the mobile searcher. However, are these services useful to marketers in some way? I’m not so sure. What do you think? Continue reading “Are Google’s 5 New Services Useful to Marketers?”

Mobile Marketing – 2 Apps Worth Testing

facebook-gmail-for-blackberryBeen a Blackberry user now for about 2 years.  The transition from my trust Palm device wasn’t easy, but it was inevitable.  My eyes are on the iPhone as my wife enjoys it’s cousin, the iTouch, for about 8 months.  Until then, I’m making the most of my Blackberry, and things just got better.  This weekend, I downloaded the latest Facebook application, and based on what Christina Warren just shared about a Google Mail Plugin, I’m downloading that one as I write this. Continue reading “Mobile Marketing – 2 Apps Worth Testing”