5 Productivity Tips for Online Marketers

I’m a fan of getting stuff done. The only way I know to get meaningful stuff done is to get serious, even aggressive about my time. My productivity techniques seem to get reviewed, refined, and tuned on a regular basis. Never are the embraced time and productivity management tactics I use, followed to a tee. This is where the “constant improvement” mentality kicks in.

It’s not about getting it perfect, but getting it going. It’s not about checking everything off, but keeping it flowing. [Tweet Me]

I encourage you to consider the same mindset, and dial in your own productivity techniques. In this post I’ll share the challenges of being productive as I see them, 5 tips, and some other ways to improve productivity.
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Overcoming Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a real issue for many online marketers. The dream of working from home, with your slippers, or at the beach, etc. can be a pipe dream for many. Especially considering all the aspects of all they feel they need to do to be successful online. Market research, keyword research, website hosting, domain purchases, SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, paid traffic, conversion, order processing, and the list goes on. Overwhelm can hit us all regardless of where we are in our marketing projects, Internet businesses, or careers. Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful when overwhelm is creeping in on me.

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Book Review Conquer the Chaos

Running a small business? Whether an online or offline small business owner or productivity worker, every once in a while you need some direction and strategies to manage your time and efforts effectively.  With thousands of small business customers using their technology, Infusionsoft shares solid ideas on managing your dreams and your business in “Conquer the Chaos, How to Grow a Successful Small Business without Going Crazy.” Continue reading “Book Review Conquer the Chaos”

3 Reasons Business Masterminds Fail – with Roger Salam

No doubt mastermind groups are important. With the right people, and the right format they can make a big difference in anyone’s life. Yet, in my experience they fail more often than they succeed. Why is that? In this video Roger Salam shares his ideas as to why mastermind groups fail. If you’ve ever considered starting or joining a mastermind group (and you should), here are a some things worth thinking about.

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3 Uncommon Productivity Tips with Alex Mandossian

In March I attended Alex Mandossian’s event in San Francisco. While there I had a chance to spend a few minutes with him to ask him for specific examples of productivity tips that his students are learning and applying in their business. As someone who is a bit of an information junkie in an industry where productivity is often the difference between success and failure I found these tips to be a bit unconventional yet useful enough that virtually anyone can apply them quickly and benefit from them.
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