Will Marketers Adopt Google +1 for Websites?

A while back the question was asked here, Is Google’s +1 Search Useful for Marketers? Now that Google’s I/O event is over, and having mentioned very little about social strategy, +1, etc. (at least from the live stream I watched) are you planning on implementing Google +1 on your website when it becomes available? Why or why not? I have my own thoughts, but will reserve them for the comments section below. Continue reading “Will Marketers Adopt Google +1 for Websites?”

4 More Reasons to Start Using HootSuite

HootSuite has been around for some time, unfortunately I’ve only been using it for several months, and am hooked.  It makes it so easy to integrate multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages.  You can even use HootSuite to update your chosen social accounts using content from an RSS feed (like your blog).  Today I logged into HootSuite and discovered they had a new update.  No worries, it is all contained within the browser, so no software to download.  I’ll review them here, and why I think HootSuite is a great productivity tool for today’s social web. Continue reading “4 More Reasons to Start Using HootSuite”

Google Reader – Get More Done While Being Social

google-reader-getting-more-done-while-sharingRSS Readers have grown in popularity in recent years, and rightfully so, there is so much content to digest, it is nearly impossible to visit all the sites and prioritize the best most reliable information.  Google Reader helps you do just that, with a twist, the power of Google search within Google Reader.  More than that, you now have the ability to share information from Google Reader with Google friends. Continue reading “Google Reader – Get More Done While Being Social”

Google Making Waves Again

google-wave_logoSpecial Note: Watch the video further down this post. As a marketer, it is important to keep tabs on what movers and shakers are doing, so you can position yourself to succeed.  That is the wonder of being a solopreneur or a small business, you have agility not typically found in larger organizations.  One of the top movers and shakers in the online world is Google.  They have done so much to make it easier to find information, and their technologies have been very successful to create wealth and success for many.  Today I watched a video that confirmed some of my suspicions when it comes to social networking, and I’d like to share it with you. Continue reading “Google Making Waves Again”

Top 10 (or more) Twitter Blunders

twitter-blunder-voxefxLet’s face it, social media has created a colliding set of worlds as people approach it with their own set of curiosities and motives.  In this post I’ll shaer a few of the common (and humorous) things I’ve observed on Twitter classified as ‘blunders’.  More importantly, I invite you to share your ‘blunder’ observations as well.  This is no insult to those publishing their status update blunders, rather, somewhat of an admission of what we’ve seen and done ourselves, as we figure out how to use Twitter for business and beyond. Continue reading “Top 10 (or more) Twitter Blunders”

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business, 5 Useful Applications

It’s no secret that online social networking (done well) is a great way to market your business.  Social network applications can make that even easier.  Applications are used to enhance the experience for users (ever watched a video on Facebook?).  They are also useful to developers, providing them with valuable information from users in exchange for installing the application.  This post covers 5 Facebook applications to consider for your business with your Facebook Marketing Strategy in mind.

Recommended: Are Facebook Ads Better than Google Adwords? This guy thinks so. If a Facebook Marketing Strategy is what you need, then listen to this(Caution: somewhat strong language…and opinions)

Continue reading “Facebook Marketing Strategy for Business, 5 Useful Applications”

Social Networking Overwhelm, Integrated Social Profiles in Outlook

Social Networking with XobniAs challenging as it may be to manage, serious Internet marketing and small business marketing pros know they have to engage in multiple social networks as a part of their web 2.0 marketing strategy.  Managing all the contact information can be challenging, and while there are tools out there that help, I found one that centralizes everything in Outlook.  Your inbox might flip for Xobni (inbox backwards), and you might too. Continue reading “Social Networking Overwhelm, Integrated Social Profiles in Outlook”

Google Friend Connect… 3 Ways it Impacts the Search Engines

social marketing strategyNow that I’ve had some time to review Google Friend Connect as a social marketing strategy and tool, I’m looking at different ways that using the program can impact search engine rankings, and am curious what’s coming.  So far, I’ve found 3 ways that is can positively impact your search engine marketing results, and have an equal number of ideas on where things are headed. Continue reading “Google Friend Connect… 3 Ways it Impacts the Search Engines”

Google Friend Connect and Google Reader… An Internet Marketers Dream?

Google Reader

Since my review of Google Friend Connect and how it compares to Facebook Friend Connect last month, I have had spent more time with the application. I’m wondering if this initiative from Google might actually be an internet marketing or small business marketing dream. At this point I am leaning in the direction of… Yes!

Continue reading “Google Friend Connect and Google Reader… An Internet Marketers Dream?”