T-Mobile Marketing Solves Switch Problem – Get’s Customers

t-mobile-marketing-breakup-letterHave you ever left one mobile network provider to sign up with another? It’s often about timing, knowing the ins and outs of your contract so that you minimize the financial damage on exit. As someone who’s currently considering leaving their current provider, I found the recent Superbowl campaign to be intriguing. Did you see the T-Mobile Superbowl ad?

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Social Syndication, 5 Secrets to Broadcasting Value and Expertise with Twitter

Twitter is becoming the center of the social networking universe. There are literally hundreds of social sites, services to host content or media, and networked communities; however, Twitter is the definitive communications network. Learn to use it to create a powerful social syndication system.

Define Social Marketing Objective
Before you start any social marketing strategy define the results you want and the market you want to target.

Are you marketing for traffic, back links, awareness, credibility, or direct sales? Each objective or combinations can alter your social syndication plan. If you are looking for traffic and backlinks, you may syndicate blog posts or articles. Whereas, building credibility and direct sales may direct you to syndicate squeeze page links and ebooks. Continue reading “Social Syndication, 5 Secrets to Broadcasting Value and Expertise with Twitter”