3 Takeaways from New Media Expo

new-media-expo-2014-keynoteIt all came together very quickly. There were no plans to attend New Media Expo, but then sometimes things just come together and it makes sense. So I was off to Las Vegas before I knew it. Overall, I’m very glad I went. Not all events are created equal. In my experience, events are a lot of work to pull off. What I’ve found is that what is memorable about an event often has very little to do with the information presented, but with the people presenting information. There was much to learn, here are a few of my takeaways. Continue reading “3 Takeaways from New Media Expo”

Do You Avoid Video Marketing?

What’s great about the web, is that it affords marketers and business owners the opportunity to extend their reach in new, authentic ways. Case in point, video marketing. If you are like me, you probably aren’t a Tom Brokaw, Ellen Degeneres, Denzel Washington, or any other celebrity who is polished when the camera comes on. There’s good news for people like us, you just might be thinking about marketing with video differently than you should. Most camera friendly celebrities took a while to get where they are at. More than that.. you don’t have to be polished on camera to succeed with video marketing. Let me explain.
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When Online Marketing Products Are Worth Paying For

One of the benefits of our interconnected world is the availability of great information and products that cost nothing. Never before has so much been available at no cost. This is also true for products people use to get started marketing online. We are big fans of free (to an extent) and encourage others to leverage free when getting started. However, there is a big problem with free that can easily be overlooked, and some products are just worth paying for. This post will cover the pitfalls of free, the perks of paid, products worth paying for, and how to know if you can’t afford it. Continue reading “When Online Marketing Products Are Worth Paying For”

3 Easy Ways to Upload Videos to YouTube

With all the changes at YouTube in recent months, it is easy to forget that most people are consumers of videos on the number one video sharing site on the web.  For marketers, more and more people are starting to dabble into the finer aspects of video by creating videos of their own.  In this post, you’ll learn the 3 easy ways to get your video awesomeness on YouTube and available for the world to see (even if you aren’t on a PC or Mac). Continue reading “3 Easy Ways to Upload Videos to YouTube”

Review of YouTube Secret Weapon-Conversions Up 296%

review-of-youtube-secret-weaponFor quite some time, YouTube has been the leader when it comes to online video sharing.  Most know that, but have you looked at YouTube lately? Really, beyond the changes they made in recent months, have you seen some recent market data for online video, and just how dominate YouTube is?  In this post, I’m going to share market numbers with you, my own conversion numbers after implementing some of the strategies and techniques presented in Julie Perry and Paul Colligan’s course, YouTube Secret Weapon, a potential problem for some with this course, and lastly, a 25% (limited) discount code. Continue reading “Review of YouTube Secret Weapon-Conversions Up 296%”

Internet Video Marketing Tips… 6 Tools to Supercharge Your Video Marketing

internet video marketing tipsSmall Business marketing has been energized in recent years by the addition of video, and video hosting sites are doing what they can to test their reach. Not too long ago, YouTube modified its technology so that all embedded videos had a search box drop down at the top of the frame. This is useful to YouTube (extending their reach to potential site visitors), as well as users who need to locate content ‘while they are at it’, but a concern for site owners who want to keep visitors on their site. However it got me thinking and I’d like to share internet video marketing tips with these online resources that will simplify marketing with video. Continue reading “Internet Video Marketing Tips… 6 Tools to Supercharge Your Video Marketing”

Video Marketing Online: 7 Easy Tips to Increase Website Traffic with Videos

Increase Website Traffic Video Marketing TipsBusinesses can leverage video marketing online to reach customers effectively and inexpensively with targeted messages that customers seek out, not ignore.  Integrating video onto your site can increase website traffic, encourage viewers to delve further into the pages, and convert leads into sales. Continue reading “Video Marketing Online: 7 Easy Tips to Increase Website Traffic with Videos”

Video marketing online: 5 Most Common Myths

It’s more than official, the mainstream has embraced online videos. Video marketing continues to be a rising way to reach new audiences in an engaging and dynamic way.

Many have come to realize the impact of incorporating videos and strategically placing video ads, but the same principles for video development and placement that apply to other mediums don’t necessarily transfer to online video marketing.  So let’s debunk some of the most common myths about video marketing.

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