Social Media Marketing World – Top Takeaways

smmw-travis-campbell-speakerLast week at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, I had the privilege of serving as track moderator (aka MC). This involved speaker introduction, time management, and facilitating Q&A (lessons here).

While the priority was keeping an already very well organized track ‘on track’, I was unable to resist scribbling down notes during the sessions. These were world-class presentations and content. So the notes I share here are certainly incomplete. If you were at the event, feel free to comment with your top takeaways.

Before I continue, this brings up a very real issue for attendees of well run events like Social Media Marketing World. [highlight]”Which sessions do I attend, there are so many good ones to choose from?!”[/highlight] This is where investing in event session recordings can be very worthwhile (resource at end of post). Also, pay attention to the places where you can share tweetable quotes [Tweet it!] from presenters.

I came away with a better picture of how to leverage content marketing in the coming year, I hope you do too.

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3 Easy Ways to Upload Videos to YouTube

With all the changes at YouTube in recent months, it is easy to forget that most people are consumers of videos on the number one video sharing site on the web.  For marketers, more and more people are starting to dabble into the finer aspects of video by creating videos of their own.  In this post, you’ll learn the 3 easy ways to get your video awesomeness on YouTube and available for the world to see (even if you aren’t on a PC or Mac). Continue reading “3 Easy Ways to Upload Videos to YouTube”

Internet Video Marketing Tips… 6 Tools to Supercharge Your Video Marketing

internet video marketing tipsSmall Business marketing has been energized in recent years by the addition of video, and video hosting sites are doing what they can to test their reach. Not too long ago, YouTube modified its technology so that all embedded videos had a search box drop down at the top of the frame. This is useful to YouTube (extending their reach to potential site visitors), as well as users who need to locate content ‘while they are at it’, but a concern for site owners who want to keep visitors on their site. However it got me thinking and I’d like to share internet video marketing tips with these online resources that will simplify marketing with video. Continue reading “Internet Video Marketing Tips… 6 Tools to Supercharge Your Video Marketing”